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Home Decorations Collections Questions Answered!

  1. Can i go to jail for buying brass knuckles or switch blade knives in california to ship to my house ?

    I know its illegal in the streets, but what about for home and stuff, like decoration or a collection. Is it legal to buy?

  2. What is an inexpensive way to decorate with religious themes for Christmas in my home?

    I have a ton of secualr stuff (santa, reindeer, snowpeople, etc) However, I am looking to add Christian themed decorations to my collection to decorate with this year. Christian stores are just so expensive anymore because the mass merchandisers rarely carry religious themed Christmas things. Is there any artsy stuff I can do that isnt too time consuming an expensive for a one income family? Thanks in advance for your help!

  3. A question about houses done up with christmas decorations?

    I've always liked the idea of having heaps of lights and other decorations on and around my house for christmas. Other people seem to be able to pull it off quite well so I was just wondering: How much did you spend on decorations for your house. How did you decide what theme to go with. How do you set it up correctly so you don't blow up your house! Which decorations are easiest to use, and which are best. I've always wanted to have a really good looking house around christmas. Thanks for your help.

  4. In Sims 2 Open For Business, is it possible to open a clothes shop from home?

    So i've opened a business from home, but i can't find the shelves of clothes in the buy mode! Where are they? Is it possible to open a clothes shop from home? Thanks! It's not there. I just checked. Not on the home section anyway. I'm running a HOME business, not a community lot. I've checked the collections, i honestly can't find the clothing racks/changing rooms etc. I've also check Misc. Nothing. :(

  5. How much does it cost to make a small home theater?

    We have an extra room and its not too big but not tiny. I'm thinking 4 ppl and a 50inch display. Is a projector or a 50" tv cheaper? What else do I need to buy that's NEEDED and by that I don't mean fancy decorations. Is 1200$ enough?

  6. Collecting: Am I the only weirdo who has a strange collection? What do you collect?

    This sounds strange, but it started innocently enough. Many years ago for the sake of my clothes I started useing plastic hangers and gradually got rid of the wire ones. I bought the plastic ones in lots of colors, and over time I had quite a collection. One day it occured to me why not sort the clothes onto hangers the same color to make them easy to find. So now my blue shirts are on blue hangers, etc. This has grown into a bit of an obssesion, if I see hangers in a new color I don't already have I must buy them. (I'm lucky hangers are cheap). Like other people with collections I even have my "rare pieces" - hangers from the 70's in colors like rust & olive that are no longer made. I'm curious if anyone else has an odd or unusual collection?

  7. How do I start off making a good wine cellar?

    Ever since I turned 21 I've been wanting to get my own wine cellar,how do I go about first making one or buying the best materials,second picking the right wines weather for decoration or drinking and third how do I build a pallet for it knowing whats a good taste or fruitiness or whatever?

  8. How is a career as an Interior Decorator in India?

    I am a student in standard 12th and very interested in interior decoration. However people tell me its not a high paying job. Can someone please throw light into a career as an Interior decorator.

  9. What are the essentials for a maquerade ball?

    I'm on the student union of my college and we're currently planning a masquerade winter ball. We have all the basics; bar, band, dj etc. but we need ideas for decorations and stuff to make it fit the masquerade theme. Any ideas??

  10. Can anybody suggest places (online or otherwise) where I could purchase inexpensive Christmas decor?

    I've recently moved and left all the Christmas decor I've been using for the past several years in my parents' home, and I'd like to start decorating my place after Halloween is over. Where would you suggest I could buy some inexpensive but unique enough Christmas decors? Thanks.

  11. Does anyone have any neat\chaep ideas to make my place look unique?

    I have been painting my walls and really spiffing up my measly 2 bedroom home. Truth be told its kinda a dump.Does anyone have any ideas on some cool, cheap, unique ways to really personalize it. I am fine with painting the walls and stuff. I have a really hippie style and i want to incorporate that in to my home. If you know of any website with hippie ideas of just have some yourself let me know.

  12. Can you describe the feeling Christmas gives you?

    Can you describe the feeling Christmas gives you (regardless of your religious background)? And how did you experience Christmas as a little kid? Having friends and family at home, together with the decorations and lights in the dark (and perhaps the harsh weather outside); Did that awake a feeling of security, love, and unity within you? (And does it still today?) Do you often remember those good old days with the deceased family members on who you looked up to as a child? What comforts you?

  13. Where can i find bedding based on how victorias secret pink looks?

    i know they sell bedding but thats not really what i want. i want something with their color scheme (the lite pink, black and white). where can i find something that would look like it would belong in the store for my room like bedding and decorations?? links would be good too

  14. what do u recommend for a purple room?

    my bedroom walls are light purple,I'm looking for ideas to change the decoration and stuff. like maybe some patterns on the wall that suit the color, or some bedding that matches purple, do u have any ideas? i'll appreciate if u show me some pics of that too (i have found some myself) thank u in advance. btw, i'm 22

  15. when making decorations for a wedding cakes how long do they last?

    i need to make a wedding cake for my gcse cooking, and do i need to make them all in one day or other a period of a week. and any one got any nice designs they perticular like or actly how to make one. thank you. xx i also want to know how to make you own wedding topper like this... http://www.icingonthecakeuk.co.uk/ ( the first picture down)

  16. How can I make my Halloween party top-notch?

    Mostly 17-20 year olds. It's at my house. A costume party. I'm doing lots of decorating, we have quite the collection from years past. Spider webs, fog machines, strobe lights, scene setters for the walls, etc. Also, we are setting up a tent in front of the house that you have to walk through in order to get inside. There's going to be stuff hanging from the ceiling and a strobe and fun stuff. What other advice do you have for decorations I can buy or make? Recipes? Music? Anything. Thanks!