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Home Decoration Catalog Questions Answered!

  1. What are your favorite home decorations on the market today?

    Are there any home decor products that stand out above the rest? If you can name a few, what would they be? What are some of your favorites?

  2. What are some ways to make your bedroom more cute and unique?

    I just redid my room, and I have about 50 bucks left. My room is a black and pink theme, and I want to add some small little decorations to make it more fun! Any ideas? Also, I'm a 14 year old girl and my walls are already painted.

  3. What's a good magazine that shows NORMAL homes for decorations and interior design?

    All the mags i see always feature million dollar homes with celebrities. I'm looking for a magazine that shows how to decorate a tract house that don't have 30 ft tall ceilings, and overlooks the beach. A mag with a lot of pictures and ideas. Like a crate and barrel catalog or ??

  4. What kind of bedding would go well with this area rug?

    I'm moving to a new house soon and am planning out my bedroom. The room has dark faux wood (laminate) flooring, and neutral beige colored walls. Because i'm not a big fan of flooring in bedrooms i bought a stylish area rug! (see picture) http://www.rona.ca/shop/~rug-ice-shaggy-area-rug-rona-collection-337227_rona-collection_area-rugs_decoration_shop What kind of bedding would go well with the colors and patterns in it? pictures of examples would be helpful! Thanks!

  5. Im designing my kitchen to look like a gengerbread house?

    I cant seem to find any stores that sell candy theamed decor. Im looking for pepperment cabbinet handles, gengerbread wal paper and just randome candy decorations. If anyone can find web sites that sell things like this all help is appreciated. Getting my house set up so I can grow old and get ready for grand babys, want them to be excited to be at grandmas house. I figured it would take a few years to get it all done.

  6. Looking for reasonably priced websites/catalogs to purchase items for wedding reception?

    If you have recently been planning a wedding, or know someone who has, can you please post the link to some websites that have a nice selection of decorations, invitations, etc? I am on a tight budget. My theme colors are navy blue and silver, and my theme is moon and stars. If you know where I could find items that match my theme, that would be terrific. Thanks.

  7. How can I help a senior citizen out for Easter?

    Our church is trying to reach as many stay at home senior citizen in our area as we can. We were ask to help one or two each for Easter. What would be some good things to do for them?

  8. how much does a decent concrete bench cost?

    Lowe's and Home Depot dont list them on their site. I'm guessing.. $150? I want to buy 3 or 4 of them to put around my fire pit.

  9. I want to decorate my house with fall season colors and give it more of the fall season feeling?

    What are some ways I could decorate my house for fall? My budget is tight right now so I can't spend that much on decorations.

  10. what are some cool ideas for a tim burton nightmare before chrstmas birthday party?

    My going to be 13 year old daughter is having a nightmare before christmas party but they dont sell decorations for that and i need ideas! can anybody help me please?

  11. My children destroyed a life sized tree sticker that was on their bedroom wall, where can I find another?

    When we bought our home, the previous owners had a large life sized tree sticker or maybe wallpaper type decoration stuck on the wall and added fake leaves to it that stick out - my children tore it down, where can I find such a sticker or type of walllpaper again?

  12. What is that real inexpensive mail order shopping that has the little catalogs and you can order by mail or?

    I am sure they have on line ordering now. Real cheap stuff, like decorations for your home etc. thanks