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Country Home Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. how do you get a home makeover ppl to come to you for free or less money?

    I want to know so I cou ld apply for it. but its seems to be only in los angeles area of the country. can someone tell me who can do home decoration for less than 1000.00dlrs. you will be helpful to me I guess I meant those ppl that decorate houses not renovate, need help decorating house

  2. What european country you believe has the most beautiful homes?

    My question is and for the out of the home and inside home.And the out decoration and the inside decoration!

  3. What is the optimum date to decorate for Christmas at home?

    What is the optimum date to decorate for Christmas at home? I love the holidays and I usually hold an Open House for everyone in the neighborhood the day after Thanksgiving. I work full-time an am wondering what is the best DATE to put up the tree, decorate the windows and doors, etc. My mom does not talk to me anymore and I just need to ask this of someone out there.

  4. Where can I find plans for outdoor decorations for a mini golf course?

    Working on a campground's mini golf course and want to build some decorations consistent with a "campground" feel - located in north Georgia. I have a workshop and can build anything. Thanks.

  5. What color should I choose for my country style kitchen?

    I am using Better Homes and Gardens Interior Design Software and I have decorated the kitchen with a lot of country stuff like chickens, cows, pigs, country eggs, aunt jamima so my kitchen right now is like a tanish brownish color. The cabinets and the drows are tan and the wallpaper is a tan decoration. So I am trying to find a color for my kitchen to go with the country style.

  6. What kind of decorations do you put on your Xmas tree?

    I have 2 artificial trees. One is with ornaments that I have collected from the various countries and places we have been. I got some for my kids too when they were growing up so when they left home, they had their own set of memories to take with them. I put white lights and an angel on that one. The other tree has kitty cat ornaments and cat paw stockings on with white lights and some bubble lights. It has cat fish and a star fish on the top.

  7. What is the start of the Christmas holiday in non-American countries?

    In the USA we use the day after Thanksgiving as a marker to start Christmas shopping, decorating, singing, etc. When do you start in other countries?

  8. What's the deal with these red star decorations everywhere?

    I see these red star decorations at work and people's homes. Is this a communist communications symbol or what? Are the red hatters behind this?

  9. What is homecoming and is it like a social?

    Ok, I am from a different country were we don't have homecomings. What is usually worn, what happends at them, are you expected to be asked out or go with friends? Is a homecoming like a social but more formal? By the way if this helps the theme of the homecoming is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

  10. Where can I go to shop online for primitive/rustic country decor?

    Am decorating my home and like antique country decor. I'm interested in old advertising tin signs, home accents, etc. I love antique kitchen utensils/cookware, advertising signs for food/soda/old companies and stuff like that. Yet I need it to be reasonably priced stuff. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  11. How do people south of the Equator celebrate Christmas?

    I would doubt that you guys sing songs like "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" since it's summertime for you right? How is it different? Do associate Christmas with Snow? What kinds of decorations do you use? Is it as commercialized there as it is here?

  12. Why won't the hollywood liberal elite join the military like hollywood actors of the past?

    I was curious as to why today's hollywood actors are not patriotic like hollywood actors of the past.In world war two many actors joined the miltary to serve our country.Why is it that none of these brave hollywood liberals won't serve our country now while we are at war?

  13. How is Chritmas in or its equivalents and New Years in Japan?

    Well I know Christmas is only a comercial holiday there, but atleast what do people usually do? What events happen before christmas and in New years. I have to do an oral report about this. What foods are served? What do you guys wear? What do you do with family and friends? I appreciate detailed answers, thank you! I had the option to pick any coutry but I like your country so I picked this one. :)

  14. how is a christmas tree decorated in saudi arabia?

    i have a child that need to find out what decorations are on there trees for school. She has to make one .