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Home Decoration Stores Questions Answered!

  1. What things for our home should we bring to Saudi Arabia from the US?

    We've already figured out that many things are nicer and better priced in SA, such as furniture and home decorations... we may still end up bringing a container from the US, so what things am I better off getting in the US? So far, I've thought of good set of pots, knives, a washer and a dryer. What else am I better off getting in the US?

  2. is there a way to fix a scratched mirror?

    is a very expensive, big, home decoration mirror that i ruined by accident trying to clean a spot with sandpaper.

  3. What should I wear to a job interview for a home decoration store?

    I have an interview tomorrow, and I'm pretty unsure of what to wear. It's for a general sales position at shop that sells candles, fake flowers, ornaments and stuff like that. The girl who was working there looked pretty casual, but does that mean I should turn up casual? I want to look smart but not like I'm going for a business executive position... Any ideas? Oh, and I'm female.

  4. What are some great home made luau decorations?

    I'm throwing my mom a suprise luau party:D I'm 16 and low on funds lol. could some one tell me any home made decoration i bought some at the dollar store and our back yard has tiki torches also an inground pool. i basically only have construction paper couple pip cleaners then of coarse glue tape and scissors(: PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!

  5. On the Sims2 OFB how do you close your home shop for the night?

    Since i have a home store i opened it, but i dont know how to close it for the night? I was just letting them taking the rest of the day off.But i dont know how to do it right.

  6. Where is a good place to shop for artwork in Dallas?

    I would love to find some really neat home decorating stores in Dallas that are unique. I am looking for some nice art work for the walls. Any suggestions?

  7. Where can I find these cool home decorations?

    My dad wants to repaint the room my sister and I share, so we decided to just give it a makeover. I need a store or website that sells funky lamps, rugs, chairs and quilts. I need them to be like I said funky and not expensive. Thanx! Oh, and do you think incents re a good idea for a 12 yr old and 8 yr old's room?

  8. Cute ways to decorate you locker with out going to the store?

    What are some ways to make my locker fun and festive with out going to the store? I already have little decorations from the store but i want stuff to make that I can find at home.

  9. Where can I donate books, clothes, and household things in central Massachusetts?? Please help!!?

    I have a lot of miscellaneous items. Some toys, some home decorations, lots of books (young adult mostly)... Where is a good place to donate these things? I just want to get rid of them but I want them to go to good use. Thanks!

  10. What are fun, cheap, and creative ideas for an ancient Egyptian theme 20th birthday party?

    would like some ideas on adult games and activities, home made decorations, and party favors.

  11. How to make homemade aquarium decorations?

    I don't want to keep buying all tthe decorations from the store because that gets really expensive. Does anyone have an idea for how to make safe, bright-colored aquarium decor from stuff at home?