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Owl Baby Room Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Baby nursery ideas for hunter green and tan painted room.?

    So my husband is giving me his "man room" to convert as the baby's nursery. Its painted half hunter green and half tan. Im trying to think of cute nursery ideas that would work for a boy or girl. I would like to save money and not have to repaint.Only idea I came up with has been a forest theme but people me say it seems more boyish.

  2. where are so good places to look for throw pillows?

    i am redecorating my bedroom and im looking for pretty and decorative throw pillows. Im 14 and a girl and im painting my room calm and peaceful colors like mint green and baby pink and stuff like that. I am really into lik owls and birds for decorations but anything thats pretty will do. Thanks =)

  3. Decoration ideas for a baby shower?

    Planning my sister-in-law's baby shower with my mother-in-law and cousin-in-law. We are designating each person something to do: MIL is taking care of location and food, cousin is looking after planning and organizing games, and I am taking care of decorations. Here's where it gets a bit complicated. She does not want a typical baby shower with typical decorations. She approves balloons and streamers, but she wants decorations to match her baby's room's theme, which is woodland animals (trees, owls, raccoons, deer, chipmunks, etc). I don't know how I am going to go about doing this as where I live it's typical to just go to the dollar store for decorations. She has explicitly requested not to do this. So I am looking for some cute ideas...no licensed characters for anything. I am willing to be a bit crafty but I am not normally very crafty so it has to be basic, or something available to purchase online to Canada. Thanks! How is that picky and ungrateful? I don't understand. Just because she doesn't want dollar store decorations? I can't really blame her for not wanting something cheap and chinsey-looking for what is going to be the only shower she will ever have. I think everyone should be allowed to be a LITTLE picky...I'm not faulting her for that.

  4. how can i make my room look like this?

    Im redoing my bedroom and i want to go for like a calm peaceful look. I was looking on PBTeens and i found this REALLY pretty room that i really want my room to look like. But the problem is that my parents tell me its too expensive. :( Can anybody help me recreate this room or maybe give me and idea of what i should do please please please?? I am sooo in love with the tree and my dad said hes going to try to paint it. And im not sure yet what color im painting my room but its between minty green and like a baby pink. Im open to other colors too. Thank you soo much. =] i forgot to add the picturee ;) Heres the link... http://www.pbteen.com/gift/thm/thmgrl/thmgrldvc/ For the flowers i was going to find pretty patterns ad cut them into flowers and glue them on my wall. Also i was going to get cork board and wrap the fabric around it to decorate it.

  5. Turtle is Not Eating????? (nice poeple only) (ten points)?

    Well, I have a big and a small turtle. They are in a tank like this but its half the size. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g235/ang1477/Nannys010.jpg Anyways, I went to Reno for 2 days, feeding them the night before and then feeding them at the same day, but then i forgot to turn on the light and pump. Now when I came back form Reno, I changed the water and stuff, cleaning the pump and such, and then when i fed them, the small one started eating and the big one didn't. ALSO, the tank is rly full right now, almost the the top (a few more inches). AND, i feed them food. (not pellets, but stick pellets)