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Interior Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How a modern business office should look like?

    Furnishing and technical equipment. Some pictures of interior decorations.

  2. Can you show me pictures of teen bathrooms that are decorated, i'm redecorating mine?

    I'm decorating it to look for a 13-17 year old. fun ideas please. Just any website or just anything that will help me. I would really appriciate a website with a TON of different ideas and pictures. thanks.

  3. what are the different models of houses?

    pictures of different houses and the furnitures n interior decorations for that house and the house hold appliances to be used for that house

  4. Require INTERIOR DECORATION IDEA for a small shop of 60sqft?

    Hi Size of my shop is 60sqft as 10*6. It is a very narrow shop. But the false ceiling is higher. Am planning to put a Mens wear clothes or electronic gadgets. Please give me idea as what are the colours to be used in this shop? Shop should look stylish and moreover the size of shop should not look as disadvantage.

  5. Where is a good place to hang a photo collage?

    My dad wants to get one of those photo collage frames and put a bunch of family pictures in it. Where would be a good place to hang the collage in the house?

  6. How would you decorate a bedroom with an old Hollywood theme?

    What would you use for decorations on the wall, lighting, colors, window treatments, etc. Thanks :)

  7. Decorating ideas for boat interior?

    I want to make our V-hull boat interior homey and comfortable. It's got the V shaped 'bed' (sort of a foam pad thing), no windows, a few shelves etc. Does anyone know of any sites with inspiration that I could copy? I dont think some simple bedding will be enough, and I want to enjoy spending time there, not dread it if the weather forces the family inside.

  8. How to decorate my uniform shop?

    I have a tailoring uniform shop. I need ideas for window displays and wall painitng ( logo theme is fushi pink), any ideas, pictures? Also the interior design need decoration, the companys is expensive, any suggestions

  9. Are there any good DIY projects relating to interior room design I should look into?

    Things that are used to decorate the room & stuff.

  10. What interior paint color compliments dark wood furniture?

    This is for a 12'x12' bedroom. Not a fan of yellow.