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Home Interior Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. where does everybody get home interior star stuff?

    really nice home interior decorations, mostly stuff with stars on them or something ? where do most people shop ? & really nice candles ? what's the best candles ?

  2. Can Natural Stone Pillars be used for Home constuction?

    Can Natural Stone Pillars (that are used in temples) be used for Home constuction (interior Decoration)? Theser are not planned for any support but to replace wooden pillars inside the main hall. Plz let me know the reason if it cannot be used. Thanks.

  3. I have a rug with 3 different shades of green & cream. Pls advise on paint colour for the wall/curtian fabric?

    Rug colours: 3 different shades of green and cream. Am looking for a beautiful wall paint colour to match the rug. It's for sitting room and Bedroom.further more, blind or curtain colours to go with. Colour is actually my proble now i.e colour for walls and curtian.I want to see after putting all the curtian, rug and wall paint, a beautiful, colour home interior decoration. Honey

  4. How to market my own interior design services via internet?

    Hi, I have been owning an interior designing & decoration firm at Kolkata, West Bengal, India which has carried out many home decor projects successfully. Now I intend to market my services extended to a bigger domain. Help me by suggesting how I can spread the business through internet. Thanks in advance...

  5. Do you have any ideas for a short story relating to interior design/decoration/homes etc.?

    Well, For my Stop Press elective in school, i must produce a magazine on a topic of my choice. I chose to focus my magazine on interior design/decoration (home magazine) as it is my passion and obsession : D I must include a short story relating to the topic of my magazine but i am completely stuck for ideas and have no idea where to start! Any ideas/suggestions or just tips for writing short stories will be most appreciated! Thanks so much

  6. Does anyone know of any good forums for home improvement / decoration?

    I'm looking for some good, busy forums about improving your home etc. In particular, somewhere to find information about blinds / curtains. Any ideas?

  7. can i know about the interior decorations for my home?

    im going to buy a new house and remodel it. so plz let me know about the different styles i can decorate my home to look more beautiful and the type of furnitures and kitchen models to be fitted.if there is any website to have a look at these models please do forward it...

  8. What is the website similar to pinterest but is all about interior decoration and homes?

    My psych teacher said something about this in class and I have been dying to try it.

  9. What are the best home interior color combinations?

    Does any one have advise or know of a website that can help me with color combination ideas inside my home. I have forest green carpet, white walls and a honey wood grain Kitchen with honey wood grain Accents throughout the home. Any wood will be matching. My question is surrounding what color floor rugs, couches, paintings and decorations would be appropriate. I am a single man who lives alone so a masculine look is what i am shooting for thanks

  10. Which is the best magazine on Interior decoration and home decor-all in one?

    I do not want to subscribe to too many.

  11. How can I decorate my new home for less?

    hiring a professional home designer is really expensive, however, as much as i try my house doesnt look the way i wanted. I love offering parties and invite my friends over, sometimes offer dinners for bizz. most of my friends are very wealthy n they can really afford a designer.I went to ikea but they dont give you any tips, plus the assemble part is crazy.... what should i do?