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House Interior Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. How should I decorate my new house?

    I have shifted into a small house recently. It was just built and every thing,from painting to decoration, is left for me. It has a sitting room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bothroom and a small lobby of 8'x8'. I want to know if someone could help me how should I arrange my house's interior. Is there any booklet, or website which would help me?

  2. decorating ideas with stones?

    I love stones and would like some interior decoration ideas of what I can do with stones. Thanks would stone fountain be able to be used indoors?

  3. What are the differences of japanese housing?

    For my Japanese school assignment, I have to pretend I stayed in Japan and I have to say what I liked and disliked about the houses there. And say what elements of a japanese house would I incorporate into my house if I were to build one here in Australia? So I was wondering what are all the different things about japanese houses, for example their futon beds and their baths??? Thank you!

  4. what are typical elements of design in a japanese interior design for a middle class home?

    i am redoing my house and want it to look asian inside on a budget.

  5. My grandfather aquired a property in Mumbai in 1940s. thereafter after my grandfathers and fathers?

    death the property came to me and my three brothers.now we are sellling the property for Rs.1 crore.what will be capital gains tax how to benefit and calculate indexation and how to save capital gains tax. where can the money be invested .secondly whether the received money adjusted against furnishing and interior decoration of new house previous to sale.thirdly whether the money can be invested in land to save tax.fourthly whether land property sold attracts capital gains tax?

  6. When were the actual buildings for the House of Lords and House of Commons built?

    I'm trying to make sure the chronology is correct in a story I'm writing. While I know the founding of the two Houses was well before the time in the book, I don't know if the buildings they met in were built later or what. Those would be the ones right on the Temps River, near Big Ben if I recall correctly.

  7. Where can i get info regarding interior decoration in detail ?

    I'm gonna to decorate my house so any one suggest regards this.......