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Interior Decoration India Questions Answered!

  1. How to market my own interior design services via internet?

    Hi, I have been owning an interior designing & decoration firm named "Esthetic Interiors" at Kolkata, West Bengal, India which has carried out many home decor projects successfully. Now I intend to market my services extended to a bigger domain. Help me by suggesting how I can spread the business through internet. Thanks in advance... Nandini Ghosh 9831611250

  2. Do u know any institute that offers correspondence course for Interior Decoration In India?

    As I working in a private firm , I would like to know about a course, which does not demand coming directly to the centre most of the times ( once or twice would be ok) . A certificate at the end of the course, which would help me to pursue a career in the area in future is mandatory. Any correspondence course related to furniture design or wood carving is also ok. Any other related courses is also fine.

  3. what should I name a my soon-to-be launched lingerie shop?

    I have decided to start my own small time business of a lingerie shop. Everything from space to interior decoration is decided. The only hurdle I'm currently facing is the fact that I'm completely baffled over the name of my soon-to-be launched store. Please help me by suggesting a few suitable yet not vulgar names. I'm very open minded as well as the place where my store is located. I'm based in India! Thanks for your contribution in advance!

  4. any information about interior decoration degree in india ?

    what is the qualification required to be a interior decorator ? what is the qualification needed for the degree ? which are the good colleges in mumbai for this program ? what is the starting income ?

  5. What are the occupation choice like Hotel Management etc are available for undergraduates in India?

    Under graduates from commerce, arts and not interested in pursuing any professional courses, what are the option avaialble for them in choosing their profession?

  6. i have and idea to start an interiors decoration company in chennai with my friend.what it is the procedure?

    myself and my friend are civil engineers working in dubai. We want to settle back in india by opening an interiors decoration company in chennai. Can anyone advise my the step by step procedure in terms of authorities formalities.

  7. I need websites about ancient china and ancient india?

    i need to write a 5.5 page paper and i need websites that i can site. please no wikipedia because im already using that as one of my 4 resources.

  8. how i register my new company name?

    Right now I am in Chennai, Tamil nadu, India. I wanna start an interior & exterior decoration Company in Chennai but I don’t know what is the procedure and how much amount I have to pay for this and where to pay and all details. Can u kindly suggest me How to do all these New Company Registration process and give me full details of the New Company Registration?