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Interior Decoration Design Questions Answered!

  1. How are you supposed to get work as a graduate interior designer when everyone wants experience??

    I am just finishing up a diploma in interior decoration and design from a good college and can not get a job anywhere!! Even junior roles require 'at least 1-2 years local experience'.... It' frustrating - I got mostly distinctions/ high distinctions. How are you supposed to get in to the field? Work for free for someone for 2 years? Frustrated!

  2. What kind of background and education is necessary to be an interior designer?

    I'm looking into interior design as a possible career choice, what do you need to be an interior designer?

  3. which method do you suggest for advetrtisment about ,renovation and decoration?

    we have made a Co. for doing interior design and executing them,there are some ordinary methods like flyers,magazines ,billboards but i am looking for some methods which people are mostly attracted and feel more convenient about them cause for some people COMPANY means extra expenditures!

  4. Interior Design training programs in the United States ir Australia?

    I'm a third year interior design student in the University of Bahrain. I have a training course next semester ( which is a three month program) and would like to apply in the United States( Washington D.C or Virginia is more preferable than other states) or in Australia ...does anyone know a place that would except students to train for 3 months?

  5. What is Post modernism in Interior Design?

    Hey Guys, So im studying Interior design and im not sure what a post modern design scheme is would anyone be able to define it for me? Also i studied art so i know postmodern art is something that questions art and the way in which the audience sees it, is it the same in interior design? Pleaseeeee help :) Brittz xo

  6. Suggest me names where I can buy a wide range of Exquisite bedroom accessories including Linen Collections?

    I am just done with the interior decoration and design of my newly-bought condo. Now I am on a spending-spree to buy Lenin collections and set of mattresses for my bedroom and some furniture. Do you have any names from where I can buy a wide range of bedroom accessories??

  7. What exactly do you do in an Interior Design class?

    Hi, I'm in high school and interesting in maybe taking Interior Design next year. What kind of things would you do in a class like this? Would you just learn about things like how to match corresponding furniture and decorations or actually design rooms?