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Girls Room Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cute, cool room ideas for a 13 year old girl?

    I get to redo my room (for turning 13, it is a thing that our family does for turning into a teen), and I really need some cute decoration ideas! Please Help! I mean wall decoration!

  2. What are some easy things to decorate a 17 year olds room?

    Im a 17 year old girl. And I am really tired of the way my room looks. What are some ideas to change it up a bit? Maybe under $150? Decoration ideas. I cant paint my walls because i live in an appartment that we are renting. My walls are white, my carpet is white. all my furniture in my room is white, pink, or black. those are pretty much the only colors in my room. What are some things i could get for the walls or like accessories for the room.

  3. I have a turquise and lime green room and i need some decor ideas?

    I'm a girl that needs decoration ideas for my walls, it is music themed and i have old records but dont know what to do with them please help.

  4. What are some ideas or decorations for a teenage girls room?

    I am redecorating my room and rearranging stuff and i need some ideas for homemade decorations! Help please? any other tips for decorating?

  5. How should I decorate for a traveling the world theme!?

    Hi! My friend I are having a party with about 12 girls. We want to have a traveling the world theme. We were thinking oh having each room a different place. Also have the girls bring one of their favorite foods. Do you have any decorations ideas that are cheap.

  6. What are some girls homemade room decorations i can put on the wall?

    Like stuff i can make with homemade items to decorate my walls. just got my room painted and don't have much up on the walls. can't go shopping today, but wanna add some color in my room other than the wall color. [purple] any ideas? :D

  7. Football locker room decoration ideas for the big game?

    I am on the dance team for my school and we are decorating the football locker rooms for friday night's big game! We want to be really creative, but also not spend too much money knowing that the guys are going to be pumped up and rip everything up. any good ideas? we already thought about a pinata.

  8. I need advice on decorating a teenage girls room?

    I'm helping my girlfriend remodel her room and she wants to go for a "cheetah/princess" style, I need ideas for making cheap or free room decoration and ideas because I don't just want to paint her room I want to completely change it. Thanks

  9. Any neat ideas for room decorations?

    I am looking for any neat ideas to buy or create something for my room. I am open for ideas and I do have a big mirror in my room and a headboard for my bed. Please take into consideration that I am a teenage girl. Thanks for the help. my rooms colors are light yellow, green and pink i have a window seat with pillows and my comforter is plaid with pink yellow light orange and pink. Its very cheerful with light yellow walls and there is no theme.

  10. Anyone have teen girl room tips without painting and stuff?

    Okay, I am a 14 yr old girl who has a blue and purple room. I am getting tired of it. I also have to share it with my sister who sometimes sleeps in my others sister's room when she is at college. I have the bed from IKEA that takes two beds and make them into one bunk bed. I also have two clothes chests, a huge shelf, a little shelf, and a big sliding door closet. Does anybody have any tips on what I can do to make my room look sweet, like one from a magazine!? Okay, well thanks!

  11. What should i get a 13 year old girl for Christmas?

    She has an iPod, a cell phone, lots of jewelry, and room decorations. I have no idea what to get her for Christmas this year. Do you have any suggestions for what she might like? She said she does not know what she wants for Christmas this year. she doesnt really want jewelry or make-up and she can't have a laptop. she said she wants a camera but that's all she has said. this is really difficult for me.

  12. How would you decorate this room?

    My little girl uses the room that I also want to set up as a room for guests (then she can bunk in with her teen sister if we have guests over). I was planning to buy a nice sofa bed for her room to have in there which could be opened up for guests. Then the sofa could be incorporated as part of her room (you know - a comfy place to sit and read stories). What color sofa bed should I buy? How can I decorate her room? The carpet is pale caramel and the walls cream. It is a blank canvas. She is only 1 year old but I want it to be girly/pretty - but also suitable for guests to stay in (you know - not completely covered in Disney Princesses or anything)

  13. What's the best decoration tips for teen girl room?

    I really got sucks with my pink color room, and i don't want to change the color, just the decoration , and the wall Do you have any good ideas to make it better and more relaxing?

  14. What color should a punk girl paint her room?

    I just want to paint my room but i have no idea what color and what are some good tips to decorate it? I was thinking black and red stripes but im not so sure