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Baby Girls Room Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. sharing a room with the baby, how should we decorate?

    Im 18 years old and having a baby girl. my parents have convinced me to stay at home and not move out. i was planning on moving out so that the baby could have her own room, but now that im staying i'm going to be sharing with her. do you have any suggestions as to how i should decorate my room to make it both baby friendly, and at the same time a place i will be comfortable in?

  2. Any ideas on a creative way I can use my congratulations cards for my little girl?

    I recently gave birth to my beautiful daughter (1 month on saturday!) and I really don't want her congratulations cards to go to waste, I wondered whether any of you had a good creative idea in which I could put them together and display them, or something along those lines anyway! :)

  3. What are fun things to do at sleepovers?

    My family is visiting my cousin and grandmother. We love having sleepovers, but what are fun things to do at sleepovers when you can't make any noise or get out of the room? BTW I am 12 and my cousin is 7.

  4. I need baby shower advice for a baby boy! The theme is sports, the color is sage green. Any ideas?

    I am putting on this shower for my friend. Nursery theme is sage green, so I want to stay in that color scheme. She is also decorating the nursery with sports/balls, but in soft colors, not in primary/bright colors. More muted pastel (sage, cream, light blue). I need ideas for the decorations as well as a themed menu and games. Anyone have some creative ideas that will impress this soon-to-be Mommy?

  5. I am putting in a tan/gold carpet what colors will go good with it?

    First off I am pregnant and want the best room possible for my little girl. We are putting in a tannish/gold carpet, and i am really not sure what colors would go well with it. I know we are also getting a white crib from my boyfriends mom. Please help with some decorating ideas. I am completely new to this home improvement and decor.

  6. Birthday party ideas for teen girls?

    I'm having a birthday party and I need some ideas for what to do. I'm in high school; most of my friends are freshmen or sophomores. I'm planning to rent a movie, and I would appreciate ideas for that too. Thanks in advance!

  7. Does anybody have any ideas for a teenage girls halloween party?

    I'm throwing a halloween party on Saturday for all my friends, it's basically all girls, 2 boys were invited and some of my friends have brothers. We're all in middle school, and I don't wanna have a 'lame' party. My mom won't let me buy any thing else, so my supplies are very limited. I have plenty of food, and i want to try and stay away from games, please help me somebody. Any ideas are appreciated, creativity is greatly loved! Thankz =)

  8. I want to paint my upcoming little girls room green and pink but I'm not sure how.?

    I'm having a little girl sometime soon (beginning of November, end of October) and I want to pain her room green and pink, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how. I don't know if some kind of strips would look good or if I can do a running board down the middle and do half pink and half green...I need some ideas please help.