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Baby Girls Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. In what stores can I find nursery decorating wall borders for a new born?

    Just found out the sex of our unborn baby girl, and so I am so excited that I want to decorate the room already and surprise my wife when she gets home from work. Anybody have any ideas where to find this sort of things to decorate the room with? I already know about babies r us, and baby depot. Any other stores? I am looking for other department stores that could be closer to where I live.

  2. How can I decorate a nursery for a toddler boy and an infant girl?

    I know that the most obvious stuff is ocean/tropical, or barnyard/jungle themes, but my house is modern and my husband and I thrive on all things monochromatic and clean lines.. My baby boy's nursery is baby blue and brown. The childlike accent thrown in is a few fluffy sheep:). We are expecting a baby girl next year and only have one room available to serve as the nursery.. any ideas?

  3. Good sayings for when your teacher is having a girl?

    My student teacher is having a baby girl and tomorrow we're going to decorate the room all in pink. I'm supposed to make a poster that has a funny saying on it yo make her feel good about having a girl. Do you have any ideas?

  4. Mothers, or soon-to-be mothers, of baby girls...What theme did you choose for your nursery?

    I'm having a baby girl in August and have just begun looking at bedding online. I don't mind pink, and I'm sorta on a budget. Any ideas? PS-I'm NOT looking to incorporate Winnie the Pooh or any particular character into my decorating.

  5. Do you have any baby girl nursery ideas on a cheap budget?

    My fiance and I will be getting a house soon (we live in an APT right now) By the time we move, my baby will be 1. I can't think of any ideas for her nursery. I like yellows and purples, and I like the butterflies and girly stuff like that. Can you give me some inexpensive ideas? Thanks!

  6. Has anyone seen hot pink and turquoise crib bedding?

    I want to decorate my baby girls room in hot pink and turquoise. So I am looking for crib bedding with those colors but can't seem to find anything. Does anyone know of any good websites or have any ideas?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

  7. I need inexpensive creative ideas to perk up my new bland spec house.?

    I am buying a spec house. It is very basic and bland. I haven't used the creative part of my brain for so long that I am having trouble coming up with ideas. I have been watching hgtv for the past few days and it all seems way over my budget. I have seen a few good ideas though. I have some pictures of the interior on my 360.yahoo.com/cky_1965 page of the kitchen, dining room, and living room. I also have a family room and billiards room to decorate once I finish sheet rocking it. I do not have furniture yet for the dining room and living room on the main level. The furniture I have for the family room is black leather. Was thinking about a black and white theme for the family room with some silver highlights. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated and links to pictures would be more appriciated. I am thinking about light pink, yellows, greens and blues for my baby girls room and blues or greens for my 9yo boys room. I have a limited budget of about 10,000 for decorating The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all open to each other so I'm guessing I should go with the same color scheme in each room but any ideas are appriciated. The pictures are on the blog

  8. how to decorate a baby boy and girl room together I am thinking disney but not sure what do you think?

    My 21 month old boy and 4 month old girl are in the same bed room for four more years I need to figure out a way to decorate there room together. I was thinking something like a disney room with alot of the disney characters. Like tinker bell, all the princess, cars, nemo, shreck all of it I could find then putting disney on the cilling how they write it with dark blue in the back ground and white for the words. Any ways I was wanting pictures or more ideas and wondering if other people thought this was a good Idea or a bad one cause its two much.

  9. What are some ideas for decorating a girls nursery?

    We want to stay away from the typical pink floral room. We also don't like primary colors. We want somehitng bold and unique!

  10. how do i start planning for a baby? im waiting untill im older to have one because im only 16?

    because im only 16 i really want to have a baby now but i cant, i wana live life and travel. but is it normal to start planning for a baby early at my age? and maybe even by some baby cloths and accessories already ?