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Boy Room Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How should we decorate our baby room? We are expecting a boy!! Baby room decoration tips and ideas needed?!?

    Please leave some pictures of ideas. No sports themes!! I do like shades of blues, nature, Jewish... I was thinking to paint some verses from Psalms on the walls...not sure where to start. Your ideas are much appreciated!!

  2. How do you decorate a room shared by an 11 year old and 7 year old girl?

    Both of their birthdays are this August so my dad is redecorating their room and he's assigned me to find some ideas. With the 4 year age gap there, anyone have any ideas? I can't think of anything!

  3. Can anyone help out a teen girl with Christmas list ideas?

    So far I have.... 1) Scar and Nala stuffed animals 2) Octopus necklace (it's really cute, find it on Amazon) 3) Victoria's Secret perfume (Beauty Rush- Cupquake) 4) Victoria's Secret perfume (Vanilla Lace) 5) Shirts 6) Bear stuffed animals 7) A cross necklace Any ideas? Best Answer, thx OH, and please don't say something like "Donate to Charity". That's not what I'm asking.

  4. Do you have any ideas on a 14 year old birthday party?

    Okay. So, I have two ideas. One idea is to rent an outdoor pavilion thing, and have a HUGE party and the other is to have a few friends, and have a sleepover at a hotel. Any other ideas, or specifics regarding the two ideas? Thank you.

  5. Ideas for decorating my kids room?

    I have a girl that is 7 and a lil boy that is 5 I want to decorate there room nicely. They share rooms and one is always asking for princesses and they boy for superman, star wars. its not far to neither of them if I choose one or the other. I need some suggestions.

  6. What should I do for activities for my 13th birthday?

    I am going to be inviting both girls and boys to my thirteenth birthday party, but I am doubting about some stuff. Like, I need ideas for activities. I can't do anything like 7 minutes in heaven, because of my parents, but I do not want to do anything lame like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I also need help with a theme, and some matching decorations for the theme. Any suggestions?

  7. What are some DIY craft ideas that I can make for my baby's room?

    We're expecting our first baby, a boy, in late July. We're decorating the nursery in bright colors and a loose theme of dinosaurs and robots. What are some good craft ideas I can use to make a lot of the decorations myself? I've searched around online but I'd like to hear some personal opinions as well:) We can't paint on the walls, and we don't need any window treatments. Other than that, I'm willing to try anything!

  8. What is a unique baby shower gift I can make for my sister's baby boy?

    I found out, that some friends are throwing her a surprise baby shower in one week. I have a newborn and can't afford to buy her anything, but I'm very crafty. She has all the necessary items for baby. Everyone coming is bringing a box of diapers each, so she will have plenty of those. I need some unique ideas that can be done in a week!

  9. Any decorating ideas for a hlgirls bedroom?

    I'm 16 and want somthing abit more classy then the current pink lol, ive got a medium sized room and want somthing that a boy or girl could have but abit more feminine, also I don't like anything to coulourfull, any ideas. I don't have any idea how the word higirls got into my title I meant to wright girl.

  10. What are some good places for a teen boy to have a birthday party?

    ...I dont want to spend too much money ...Its a party for like 10-15 fourteen year old boys, no girls ...I want something fun where i can go, not at my house THANKS!!!

  11. I need ideas for my 17th birthday party?

    I am turning 17, January 6th and I want to be with my close friends but not all of them get along. I was thinking going to brick road pizza which is my favorite vegan restaurant and I don't know what to do after that. I live in Grand Rapids so there has to be something I just don't know what. Ideas?