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Toddler Boy Room Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is your baby/toddler boy's room theme?

    I'm pregnant with our second, our first was a girl. Boy stuff.... not so fun to shop for as girl stuff. Lol. I'm thinking about going with maybe a nautical theme. Anyone else do this? Is that kind of stuff easy to find? I don't want sports.

  2. I need CHEAP Toy Story 3 toddler birthday ideas?

    My son is turning 3 soon and I NEED birthday party ideas. We are having an outside birthday party at the park :) I am getting a cake made at Wal Mart, but I need ideas on: Games and decorations and easy snacks and drinks for everyone. Suggestions, anyone!? Serious answers only. Thanks :)

  3. Ideas for a toddler's bedroom?

    My 3 and 6 year olds share a bedroom, and i earned a little bit of money so I decided to redo their rooms. does anyone have any ideas on what toys to buy? or furniture? Thanks They are both boys and love boats

  4. Decoration idea for toddler boy room?

    He will be 4 year on October and loves cartoon very much

  5. Redecorating room for 2 toddlers...both boys?

    I have found the beds I want to use, not sure if I'll get them both a racecar bed, or one a racecar, and the other the fire truck. Either way, the theme is vehicles. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for decorating this way. I know there is a lot of decorations/furniture related to the movie Cars, but I'm not sure I want to strictly go with that, but more of vehicles as a general theme. Any good ideas??

  6. How do I decorate a toddler's bedroom without breaking the bank?

    I need to turn my son's plain nursury into a toddler boys room, but I;m not sure what to do. Paint isnt cheap ( I dont care what you say, an 11X12 bedroom will cost us $100 to paint), and we have a crib that converts to a toddler bed, only problem is that they no longer sell the guard rail that converts it to a toddler bed (It's target's do your room nursury crib). A friend gave us an elecric blue and yellow plastic/metal bed, (no stickers, it was spongebob I think) but I can't find any toddler rooms that seem to not look cheap/cheesey with the plastic/metal beds, or rooms that are not girly with the crib to daybed option. Plus I can't find a guard. The twin bed guards don't work with toddler mattresses Am I going to have to shell out $50+ for a wooden toddler bed, plus table+chair set ($50), toy organizer ($59), Posters ($9.99+Frames), Bedding ($40)? .. Thats $224!!!!!!..at least!! Anyone know if building the stuff is cheaper? Is it easy? I don't have a lot of tools (nor do I live by an Ikea), so buying plans won't help me very much. ANy ideas? I've tried Craigslist, consignment stores, 'goodwill stores', and none of them have any of the stuff I'm looking for. Not even a plastic table or toybox, or they have it and it's used...abused.. and $10 less then the new stuff I'm burnt out and wondering how to do this for him without shelling out $300 in cash

  7. Baby Themed birthday party ideas? HELP me please!?

    I am hosting a baby themed birthday party/ sleepover. I need some party decoration & party favors for my party! I am a girl. :)) And when to start it? My birthday is on September 15th,2012. A saturday! I will be serving Breakfast, but not dinner

  8. Ideas on creating a family bedroom?

    Our toddler boy (he'll be 2 in April) has moved into our bedroom for sleeping (naps and at night). He still has his own room to play in, as well as the living room, so most of his time spent in our room is spent in the before-sleep/wake-up play, and, of course, sleeping. What suggestions/tips/ideas do you have for making the room feel comfortable and inviting for all of us rather than being an adult bedroom with a toddler who sleeps there, or a toddler bedroom with adults who sleep there? I asked this in the toddler section and got tons of stars but little feedback, so I'm trying here. Even if yo don't share a room with your baby or toddler, what are some things you think would be good ideas? Emma and Laura's Mom: He doesn't sleep in our bed. He doesn't always sleep in his bed either, but he does have his own bed. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ps_l3Mkthtk/SZ5AwwTqsfI/AAAAAAAAADg/uUPRm-OE0Ps/s1600-h/alexsleeping.JPG It's interesting, because she slept beautifully in his own room and bed from 3 months old until about 20 months old. It's not a dependency issue, but about what he needs to feel secure, and that's okay.

  9. Toddler bedroom? (Also in Home & Garden)?

    I'm going to move into a new house soon, and need some ideas. I am due with a baby boy in November, but I already have furniture and Noah's Ark bedding for him. I also have a 13 month old boy but have no idea what I want to do for his room. He has always slept in bed with us and never had his own room so I have nothing for him (actually, the furniture and bedding for boy #2 was originally for my oldest but never came out of storage and has never been used). The room he will be in has a high bay window, too. I want to do something original with the paint, maybe a cool theme room. I don't want any cartoon characters, though. I refuse to do winnie the pooh or cars or anything too cliche. I like the idea of maybe a forest theme with trees painted on the walls, or a beach theme - something like that. Any suggestions?

  10. Any ideas for toddler rooms.?

    On so I have a 4 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. I'm moving into a 2 bedroom apartment. So I'm planning on putting them two together in one of the rooms. He has a toys story bed and she has a tinkle bell bed both blue. Different types of blue but both blue. The room I am placing them in, the walls are yellow. So my question is what color should I put to match both their beds a neutral color that fits them both. And no neither one of them can sleep with me since I have another 2 yer old daughter whose already going to be in the room with me. So any ideas anyone.?

  11. Home made craft idea's?

    I work a part time job. I have a 14 month old son. So I am looking for something to create in my free time. My best friend & I would like to do this together. However, all we can come up with is bows, tu-tu's, and girly stuff. We want to come up with something for boys. & with that said, all I can think of is tie's... im just so lost. I am not opposed to making girl items, I just don't want to blend in with everyone doing the exact same thing. So .. opinions please :)

  12. 4 year old boys birthday party ideas?

    My son wont be 4 until october but i want to try to find a place because most places book up quick and you need to do it early enough. For his first birthday we did chuck e cheese, the past 2 years we just had them at the house. I like having it at the house but then i have to do everything and its around the same price to go some places, so why not have them do everything. lol. Im inviting around 10-15 kids. I have a big family and don't invite a lot of people because it would just cost way out of my range. I invite the people i am close with. More adults come but im not worrying about them now. I called my local bowling alley and they are 14.95 a kid which includes 1 hour bowling (with shoes), 1 hour in the party room, choice of hot dog, cheeseburger, or slice of pizza with a side of fries and drink. chuck e cheese is similar but the one i think i like the most. its 13.99 a kid and you get the pizza, drink, and tokens. I looked at build a bear but they are cheapest 10$ per kid but then i would have to figure out food after that. Its in my local mall and to have the rest of the party in the food court isn't what i want. I was wondering if you could give me any more ideas that wont be too expensive. when i did the at home parties they cost around 200 give or take some and that was on food, decorations, and all. (My sons birthday is Halloween and so i do the goody bags with that theme.) Thanks for your help!

  13. I came up with an idea about Sims 3 Stuff Packs.!?

    I was thinking about it, & Sims 3 really has no really cute toddler items. I was wondering if they would ever consider making a sims 3 stuff pack with all toddler items. New cribs, maybe a diaper changing station like they had in sims 2 but cuter. Diaper bags you can carry. Clothes, hairstyles. Decorations for their rooms, maybe pacifiers, a checkered one for a boy & maybe some bright ones that you can use. You can;t really do alot with the toddlers besides teach them things so, if you could give them suckies or carry around a diaper bag when you leave. I think if you Sim is family oriented that would be a really cute idea. I'm sure theres plenty more toddler things they could think of. But that would sure make me happy to have! Any ideas on how this could happen? Thanks. (:

  14. room themes for a baby/toddler girl and a newborn boy?

    my daughter will be 11 months when her brother is born so probably just over a year when she will start sharing her room with him. i want their room to be fun. i think i am going to keep the wall where her crib will be pink and paint the one where he will go more of a boy color and accent whatever i get with pink on her side and blue on his. but i don't know how to tie the two together into one room, and i definitely want to figure out some way to do that. i hate the whole "neutral gender" rooms like circus or safari. if you could leave links to bedding ideas that would be AMAZING. any ideas??

  15. Need holiday gift ideas to/from 10 month old boy, as well as holiday decorating ideas for nursery?

    our son will be 10 months old this December (first holiday season) he has both Christian and Jewish heritage, so we'd like to incorporate that into our celebrations as for interests- he loves the zoo (especially the tropical frog exhibit), music (his father plays guitar and he really seems to enjoy watching dada play), and playing outside (real nature lover, enjoys hiking with mama) We're looking for gifts (toys, educational items, or toddler furniture) that he'll enjoy and maybe grow with. We're also hoping to find a good gift that we can give to his aunts, uncles, grandparents on his behalf. And if anyone has any craft type projects- we enjoy crafting and are hoping to find a cute way to decorate his nursery and playroom for the holidays (for example: we dressed his stuffed animals up in costume for Halloween). We were planning on giving him his own little tree so maybe ideas for homemade orniments that we can make for him. Thank you for any suggestions, ideas, websites that may help us in planning our son's first holiday season-