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Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to decorate baby nursery which has a red feature wall?

    Hi, I'm at a loss how I can do up a baby nursery for a baby boy which has a feature red wall, the red is like a light burgundy or crimson sort of red. The rest of the walls in the room are cream. I can't repaint it which I'd love to do so stuck for ideas. I like wall murals & things but of course clouds & space stickers etc won't go well on red. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

  2. Where can I find a variety of wallpaper?

    So im decorating my babys nursery and the theme is baby penguins and polar bears and seals. I cant find any sort of border or decals that match this theme? Any suggestions on where i can find any sort of childrens border with any of those artic animals on it?? Please help! Time is limited!! Thanks!

  3. I am looking for ideas on how to decorate my baby nursery. I want to use a fairy and butterfly theme.?

    If anybody can help me with some ideas or even just a website that will offer me free ideas.

  4. where to find hawaiian inspired baby bedding?

    i am wanting to do my babys nursery with a hawaiian flare. i am thinking pinks but surf boards for shelves, lays on the walls stuff like that. but where do i find this kinda of stuff that isn't going to break the bank? i am looking for bedding and accesories, grass skirts all of it.

  5. when should i start preparing the nursery?

    Ok, I'm 14w4d and i'm just wondering when should i start preparing and decorating the nursery? and does anyone know any good websites that show neat ideas for a baby nursery? thanks for the help!!

  6. What are some ideas for my daughter to make for art for her soon to be baby brothers nursery?

    I want my daughter to take part in decorating her baby brother's room. She is 3 years old and i would like to create some wall art for the nursery. Any ideas?

  7. What are some good nursery ideas for baby girl?

    I'm going to start decorating her nursery soon and I want to make it very girly with pink and brown colors. Also the bedding will be Disney princess with Cinderella on it...but I can't think of anything else to put on the walls so it doesn't look so bare ? Any ideas will be helpful! Thx!

  8. Is there a book or magazine devoted to decorating a baby nursery?

    I'm expecting and I have no clue what the sex of the baby is. I would like to gather ideas for a nice nursery.

  9. Nursery decorating ideas for an apartment?

    My husband and I rent a 2 bdrm apartment and don't plan on moving until we have the money, but becuz it's temporary we can't really paint it or put holes in the walls for pictures. It has 3 walls of panelling, and one plain wall painted white. What can we do to make it look homey without changing the original?

  10. How did you decorate your baby's nursery??

    Iv been trying to conceive for some time now, and i like to pass the time by planning how im going to decorate my baby's nursery! If its a girl i want to go with a Vintage Shabby Chic Design! I have toooons of ideas! Iv found lots of vintage things for a nursery on ebay for CENTS! :) So im just curious how you decorated your baby's nursery! Any pictures, please post!! Thanks!

  11. Any ideas on food and decorations for a pink and brown baby celebration?

    I am planning a baby celebration (for mommy and daddy) in September. Mommy is decorating nursery in pink and brown and thought this would be a great idea for the celebration since we are inviting men and children. We are doing a cookout theme. I thought of using the modern baby theme which is pink and brown with a baby girl on it, but am having trouble coordinating everything else with it. Any help with food and decorations would be appreciated. Thanks.

  12. Where to buy musical baby mobile?

    I want to make (decorate) my own mobile for my baby's nursery, but I can't find just the plain white plastic musical piece anywhere. Anyone have any ideas on where to get them? Or where you might have seen them? Thanks :) I might try that this weekend. I tried Ebay but with shipping they were all like $20 min.

  13. How should I go about making a baby nursery rhyme book?

    I have a co-workers who's sister had a baby about six months ago. As a gift I would like to make a Nursery Rhyme book but nor exactly sure how to execute this idea. Should I just use a binder, decorate the pages, then use page protectors for the pages? Anybody with any help at all would be very much appreciated as this is my first time attempting to make anything like this. I already have a list of nursery rhymes I'm going to use but any suggestions are welcome!