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Small Room Decorating Magazine Questions Answered!

  1. I need pictures!! I'm trying to decorate an apartment and I need some ideas, Can you help me?

    I'm want to decorate my apartment but every magazine/website I look at shows how to decorate rooms in homes..Are there any websites that are dedicated to apartment living? If so, please share them! I'm moving in August and I need ideas now! I'm looking for website or magazines that show rooms decorated for apartment living only...Small bathrooms, apartment sized bedrooms, etc.

  2. How do you decorate a one bedroom home that has the kitchen and living room attached?

    We are moving into a one bedroom home and its very small the kitchen and living and dining area are all attached in a very small room. How do you make the space look bigger and how should I decorate it? We are renting it so we cant do much painting on the walls

  3. How can i decorate my room without spending money?

    OK well im 14 i have a kinda small room and almost no money to use but i want to have a kool room so any suggestions??

  4. Moving furniture away from the wall?

    Often times when reading home decorating magazines, the decorators advise moving living room furniture away from the wall (like so there is a space between the back of your couch and the wall). What do you think of this? Will it even work if my living room is a bit small?

  5. what is the best way to start decorating a new apt?

    i just moved into my own apt. it's very small, a kitchen, bedroom, office, living room, bathroom. I want to start decorating but soemtimes i just get so overwhelmed cuz i do not know where to start. This is my first place so im starting from scratch. Should I make the whole apt blend with the the rooms or should each room have it's own theme? Any helpful ideas?

  6. How would you decorate this room?

    How would you decorate this room? Livingroom: very small, dark blue carpet, gry/white walls, one window, rented so nothing perm (can't paint, etc), very little money. I mean VERY little. Colors, themes, do it yourself furniture or seating ideas would be great! Side note: I'm thinking about using some huge pillows as seating in there since I can't really afford furniture.....any creative ideas for this as well?

  7. What would someone pay for decorating tips and ideas?

    I am looking to start a small side business with my ideas and tips for a new office or a home. I am not licensed so I am not sure on exactly how much to charge or where to find the right way to charge.

  8. How do I decorate my wall with magazine photos without it looking cheap?

    I am a sophomore in college and I am wanting to decorate my bedroom wall with magazine photos in which I have seen before but not like the kiddy posters of boy bands or anything but actual photos some high fashion. HOW DO I MAKE IT LOOK CLEAN (not cheap or corny)without showing tape or glue? IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO MAYBE PRIT OFF PHOTOS ON THE INTERNET ONTO PHOTO PAPER? (would that help)

  9. What adhesive/paste should i use to decorate a room with newspaper/clippings?

    I am looking at decorating a small downstairs toilet with newspaper clippings and magazine articles of my favourite football team. However im unsure as to how best to do this as i dont want the newspapers to paste poorly and rip. Thnks for any advice

  10. I need help with creative ideas to decorate an apartment on a budget!?

    What are some easy, cheap ideas for furnishing and decorating an apartment (all rooms)? E.g. a coffeetable, beds, shelving. If these things can be made from recycled items and with do-it-yourself plans, even better!

  11. How much does it cost to decorate a teenagers bedroom?

    I really want to decorate my bedroom.... like a room from pb teens or something. haha. please let me know if you have decorated your room before... any tips/ ideas? should there be a theme. If im starting all over again I want it to love it by the end. how much will I need to spend anyway? p.s my rooms pretty small.

  12. What are some classy, cheap ways to decorate a room for a wedding or a ball?

    The budget is super, SUPER tight! I don't want kiddy-type cardboard cutout stuff but what are some really cheap ways of decorating a function room? I don't mind putting a lot of effort in.