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Bad Girls | Make for a pretty good movie
Harmony Korine has always been a divisive filmmaker, at least as far as his 1997 debut film, Gummo, is concerned. A Larry Clark-esque leer at a group of backwoods, Ohio teens -- bored, high and stuck in what seems like the skeeziest ring of Hell, Gummo's
Urban Tulsa | Wednesday 27th of March 2013 01:09:20 AM

Accidental Empires, Part 15 -- Clones (Chapter 9)
Fifteenth in a series. The next chapter in Robert X.Cringely's 1991 classic, Accidental Empires, looks at the real rise of Microsoft. IBM established the standard hardware, which Compaq successfully "cloned", and for which developers created software. Cri
BetaNews | Thursday 28th of March 2013 01:38:55 AM

Rogue Unknown
In the age of cunning, deceit, and trickery, we had everything before us: Light, Dark, wisdom, ignorance, shades of black and white--but most of all, we had Rogue Unknown. read more
The Cornell Daily Sun | Monday 1st of April 2013 12:44:57 AM

Student's dorm room window used to spread encouraging messages
Four university students said they decided to make their dorm room window in Samuelson Hall a place to write encouraging messages for students who walk out of Market Square. “When we got our room this year in Samuelson, we realized it was in a location
TCU Daily Skiff | Saturday 30th of March 2013 02:31:43 PM